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Slimline 7" VDP Duet SMC

  • A DIGITAL Video Door Phone with superior Audio and Video quality, packed with comfort (parallel TV output, 7inch wide screen) and security features (inbuilt panic alarm, colour image even during dark) which makes your home a more luxurious and secure place.
  • 7" Colour TFT LCD display
  • Slimline Series - Slim & Sleek Design
  • Hands Free Operation Micro Controller Based with digital circuit
  • Can connect 1 monitors & 1 camera
  • Can connect with surface mount or flush mount camera
  • Exceptional audio clarity & volume
  • Inbuilt Security Alarm
  • TV output to see parallel image on TV screen
  • Inbuilt Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)Monitor Function
  • Door Lock Control
  • 10 Amp relay with normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts
  • for different types of locks
  • Alarm out - can connect to intruder alarm or auto dialer
  • Tamper spring in camera with tamper alarm
  • White LEDs for night vision
  • Low power consumption
  • Includes 1 Monitor and 1 Outdoor Surface Mount Camera