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Q : What does website usability mean?
A : Website usability is directly associated with the user experience. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, he browses through it to serve the purpose of his visit. The ease with which he browses across your website, leading to the destination he had in mind, is termed as user-friendliness. Inovic Solutions is known for its proficiency in making user-friendly websites that ensure the comfort of your visitors.
Q : What exactly is Space and Bandwidth/Data Transfer?
A : Diskspace, also known as storing size, is the size on web server's hard disk occupied by your website. Your web hosting company provides you an agreed amount of diskspace on its web server for storing your web pages/data. Bandwidth or Transfer is the rate of transfer of your web data that your web host's server allows to send in a month. Such transfers are generally computed in gigabytes - billions of bytes.
Q : What is Web Hosting?
A : Web Hosting is a service that allows website owners to make their website accessible on the Internet. In its Web Hosting Service, Inovic Solutions allocates an agreed amount of space on its web servers for client's website. We can offer 100MB to Unlimited web space, depending on how bulky your website is. Inovic Solutions also offers dedicated servers for web hosting service, as per the specific needs of its clients.
Q : What is W3C?
A : The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international industry consortium dedicated to "Leading the web to its full potential". The consortium develops protocols and guidelines for smooth functioning of the Web.
Q : What is a URL?
A : Universal Resource Locator is the Address of a Document or File (resource) on the internet. The first part of the URL describes the protocol to be used and the second part specifies the domain name followed by the name of File/Resource to be referred.
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